MicroRT™ Tubing Kit, Electron Microscopy Sciences

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences
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MicroRT™ Tubing Kit, Electron Microscopy Sciences
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MicroRT™ is the answer for high-throughput room temperature diffraction screening and data collection. Ideal for both room-temperature structure determination and for diagnosing the cause of poor low-temperature diffraction. Made of poly ethylene terephthalate.

  • Easy crystal mounting, collecting of both room and low-temperature data from a single crystal
  • Significantly less background x-ray scatter
  • Easier crystal visualization and alignment
  • Accurate and reproducible crystal positioning
  • Suitable for automated alignment and data collection
  • One size tubing fits all and reusable™

First, replace the standard 10 µm wall glass capillaries with ultra-thin-wall transparent polyester tubing that produces 60% less background scatter. Second, use a tubing diameter that's much larger than the crystal and MicroMount, and a base that holds both the MicroMount and capture the tubing. To prepare the sample, just inject stabilizing liquid down into the tube toward its sealed end, using a gel-loading pipette-tip. Mount the crystal on MicroMount and insert MicroMount into the base. Thirdly, pull the tubing down over the crystal and mount onto the base.

No more cutting, crushing and breaking. No more cracking and shattering crystals on sharp capillary edges. No more swishing crystals back and forth to position them. No more fiddling with wicks. No more wax. No more alignment problem, caused by capillary/liquid lensing.

Once the room temperature frames collected, just pop off the tubing, plunge the MicroMount in choice of liquid cryogen, and ready to collect a low-temperature data set. Or else, soak crystal in the next solution, pop the plastic tubing back on, and repeat until checked out each solution or step in protocol.

Polyester is somewhat gas permeable. Keep a good sized plug of liquid in the tube and to measure the crystals within a day of mounting to make sure they do not dehydrate, to store the crystals for longer, replace the polyester tube with any 2 mm glass or thick wall plastic tubing.

Go from crystal in a drop to crystal in the x-ray beam at room temperature in 2 minutes with 99% change of success.
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