EMS-9000 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven, Electron Microscopy Sciences

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences
102091-484EA 37876.12 USD
EMS-9000 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven, Electron Microscopy Sciences
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The EMS 9000 Laboratory Microwave Oven represents a state-of-the-art solution for performing many of the steps in sample preparation prior to either light or electron microscopy. Procedures such as fixation, staining, dehydration, decalcification, impregnation, polymerization as well as immunohisto and cytochemistry can be done with ease in the EMS 9000. The EMS 9000 offers a significant reduction in processing times while obtaining improved results.

  • 825 watt nominal output with variable wattage
  • User programmable presets and smart interface displays (Integrated on-board digital controller)
  • Bubble Manifold for 5 tubes
  • Forced exhaust system with fail safe interlock
  • Adjustable duty cycle one second and greater for very precise process control
  • Magnetron pre-warming
  • Right side closet
  • Vacuum system for rapid infiltration (optional)
  • Load cooler/circulation system (optional)
  • 3 different timer modes
  • Multiple safety Interlocks
  • Visual and Aural Warnings on errors and malfunctions
  • All controls are automated
  • Flexible temperature probe
  • Ease of use: User-friendly touch keypad to set and store all parameters - programmable
  • Multiple running modes
  • Multiple bubble mixing (5 ports)
  • Adjustable temperature probe
  • Ventilation
  • Optional vacuum cycling for rapid infiltration
  • Optional Load cooler
  • Safety exhaust fans with fail safe interlock
  • Integrated on board digital controller

The EMS 9000 features a touch pad keyboard that allows for all settings to be programmed quickly and easily. With a very well defined adjustable effect, accurate temperature control, well ventilated chamber, and three different timing modes, the EMS 9000 is the most advanced microwave processor available today.

Accessories information: The MPC 9000 developed only for our use in our top-of-the-line EMS 9000 laboratory microwave processor, hits the target that every laboratory needs: consistent processing, vacuum infiltration, and quick specimen turnaround. Uses standard EMS Lynx I & II specimen handling technology.
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