Traceable Calibration Standards, Electron Microscopy Sciences

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences
68047-CERT 68047-C 68047-4R-NP 68047-1NP 68047-16GR 68047-5NP 68047-1GR 68047-4NP 68047-12GR 68047-12NP 68047-16NA 68047-5NA 68047-8NP 68047-1NA 68047-78NP 68047-78GR 68047-12NA 68047-8NA 68047-5GR 68047-16NP 68047-4R-NA 68047-78NA 68047-4GR 68047-4R-GR 68047-8GR 68047-4NA
100501-718EA 1218.65 USD
100501-718 100499-358 100499-336 100499-338 100499-354 100499-356 100499-334 100499-372 100499-350 100499-374 102096-136 100499-352 100499-370 102096-134 102096-132 100499-348 100499-344 100499-366 100499-346 100499-368 100499-340 100499-362 100499-364 100501-720 100499-342 100499-360
Traceable Calibration Standards, Electron Microscopy Sciences
These stage micrometers are available with a certificate giving provide traceability for the precise calibration and confirmation of accuracy of optical measuring instruments, which is necessary under ISO provisions.

  • Glass discs are mounted in stainless steel slides with engraved serial numbers
  • Each slide is supplied in a polished wooden storage case to distinguish it as a traceable standard of high value
  • Calibration by NPL, UKAs and Pyser-SGI

The calibration of the scales and grids is carried out by the most appropriate laboratory to suit the customers requirements. The choice of laboratory is normally dependent on the nature of the calibration and the accuracy required.

Calibration by NPL: The National Physical Laboratory carries out measurements at selected points on the scale and grids and issues a certificate of calibration. Order Code NP. The NPL is the English equivalent of NIST.

Calibration by UKAS accredited laboratory: A UKAS accredited laboratory carries out measurements at selected points on the scales and grids and issues a calibration certificate. Order Code: NA

Measurement by Pyser-SGI, Graticules Division: For applications, which do not require the accuracy or traceability provided by calibrations carried out by NPL or a UKAS accredited laboratory, We can provide a Certificate of Comparison. The scale or grid is compared with NPL calibrated in-house standards and a statement is provided on the accuracy of the item with respect to these standards. Order Code: GR

Certifications: Calibration certification is available.
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