CO2 Incubators, C170, BINDER

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CO2 Incubators, C170, BINDER
Incubators CO₂ Incubators
CO2 incubators provide optimal growth conditions and humidity without condensation for cell cultures.

  • Tightly sealed inner tempered safety glass
  • Exterior optional lockable door handle

Overnight, the automatic hot air sterilization cycle operates at 180°C removing contamination

Models feature a drift-free IR sensor for absolute CO2 management and LCD microprocessor. It also includes an automatic diagnostic system with visual and audible alarms and a zero voltage alarm contact. The unit also has an independent safety device class 3.1 with optical and audible temperature alarms.

The seamless deep-drawn stainless steel inner chamber makes cleaning fast and easy. It features a removable shelf support system preventing accumulation of particulate matter.

Certifications: The 120V units are UL listed.

Ordering information: The incubators are available with a base platform stand and rubber pads for holding one incubator 8"" off the ground. The stand is available with or without castors. Vibration-free stacking frames are also available for the direct and safe stacking of two CO2 incubators. Frames are designed on castors with stop brake and wedge equipment.
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