MAS-3 Furnaces, Anachemia

Supplier: Anachemia
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MAS-3 Furnaces, Anachemia
Ovens Furnaces (Ashing and Muffle Ovens)
The Mine Assay MAS-3 fire assay furnace, formerly known as “Williams & Wilson,” is well known in the mining industry all across North America, as well as in other locations worldwide.

  • High-quality firebrick and insulating refractories
  • Four non-metallic silicon carbide heating elements
  • Power and control accessories wired in base of furnace
  • Two digital temperature controllers
  • Manually operated door vent and chamber roof vent ensure adequate airflow through the chamber

Solid construction, durable features, and dependable, continuous operation have allowed it to become the criterion for quality for over 50 years while continuing this standard of excellence with ongoing technical improvements.

Constructed in two parts but comes as a single unit: The top module houses the furnace chamber, and all the electrical components are contained in the bottom module. This allows the end user two choices when the time comes to have the furnace re-bricked; do the re-bricking on site or completely replace the top module with a factory re-bricked replacement module. The “used” module detaches easily and can either be discarded or sent back to the factory to be re-built for service as a spare unit.

Equipped with two digital automatic temperature controllers. High-quality refractory and insulation materials provide consistently uniform temperature distribution. Couples with minimum heat loss, this ensures maximum efficiency and higher production throughout.

Non-metallic silicon carbide heating elements are designed to operate at low wattage output, thereby extending element life. Reduced power consumtion costs are realized compared with other assay furnaces on the market today. Heating elements can be quickly changed without affecting brickwork. This offers a definite advantage over anchored, metallic heating elements. The furnace does not have to be cooled completely before element replacement can take place, which saves time when continual assay production is at stake.
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