Select™ –86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, Nor-Lake® Scientific

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Select™ –86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, Nor-Lake® Scientific
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The Nor-Lake® Scientific Select™ Refrigeration system is powered by an advanced low-noise, high-performance cascade refrigeration system that uses two next generation 1HP, hermeticallysealed compressors. An exclusively engineered super capacity (tri-tube) capillary tube system (patent pending) delivers refrigerant on demand. Advanced heat exchanger design provides optimal heat removal and superior low temperature performance. Evaporator design enhances refrigerant flow, increasing the overall efficiency, temperature uniformity, and recovery performance. Units feature a high-capacity air cooled condenser with large surface area. The washable condenser filter maintains optimal efficiency and performance. A clean filter indicator advises when to remove and clean.

  • A 24-hour back-up microprocessor battery continuously recharges
  • Ambient temperature monitor and alarm indicate room temperature conditions
  • Audible and visual Hi/Lo temperature alarms are user settable via controller keypad
  • On-board system and maintenance diagnostics continuously monitor system sensors to ensure optimal freezer performance
  • CFC-free, commercially available refrigerants are used (R404a in first stage, R508b in second stage)
  • Easy service and maintenance

Select™ Freezer control systems feature an Advanced PLC (Programmable Logic) microprocessor controller (door-mounted, eye level display and interface), which includes real time clock, event logging alarm history, advanced alarms, alarm-test, and memory functions

Select™ Freezer construction features CFC-free polyurethane cabinet and door foam insulation. Smooth, high-impact scratch- and corrosion-resistant painted exterior and smooth white painted interior offer an attractive appearance and easy-to-clean surfaces. Interior and exterior of the freezer cabinet are white painted galvanized steel. Combination cabinet mounted multi-bulb and door perimeter gaskets provide multiple points of door sealing. This ensures reliable frost-resistant performance and enhances energy efficient cold performance for long term sample security and storage.

Five independent, hinged steel inner doors are constructed of insulated panels with magnetic catch and easy pull handles. The door system reduces cold loss during door openings and sample retrieval. Units feature five internal storage compartments with four heavy-duty reinforced stainless steel shelves. Shelves are adjustable in 2.5cm (1") increments.

Compatible with optional stainless steel storage racks, fiberboard boxes, and dividers for multiple storage needs. Multifeed, patent pending cold wall evaporator design provides superior refrigerant flow. It also maximizes cooling power by ensuring the evaporator is always 100% in contact with the freezer wall, maximizing cold transfer into the freezer and heat removal from the chamber. Easy-open integrated outer door latch and handle allows one-handed opening and closing. Door latch and handle key lock are included for added security and protected access to freezer contents. Three adjustable, heavy-duty door hinges ensure outer door fit and a positive seal.

The controller also allows password protection security (2 levels, setpoints, and parameters) for power, temperature, and alarm settings. A multifunction, menu-driven keypad with LCD display enables trouble-free access for monitoring all control features. Temperature is adjustable in 0.1°C increments, and displayed to 0.1°C increments. A control probe located in the bottom left rear wall corner provides optimal and accurate temperature measurement and control. The power on/off switch is located in a protected area on the back of the cabinet. Both power failure alarm and door ajar indicator (audible and visual) are also included. Remote alarm contact connections are located on the back of the cabinet for easy installation and access. Compressor protection monitors compressor performance and automatically adjusts to internal and external conditions. Delayed startup (programmable) delays freezer restart after power interruption. Surge protection minimizes voltages spikes and protects system electronics. An exclusive voltage boost/buck system ensures proper operating voltage to the operating system. It reduces incoming line voltage if too high, and boosts line voltage if too low.

Certifications: UL and C-UL listed.

Ordering information: Accessories not included.

Delivery information: Units also include a low battery indicator, a 2–10VDC cabinet air temperature transmitter, and a dry erase board and pocket storage organizer for user comments, notes, and document storage. Dry eraser and markers included. Domestic warranty: 18-month parts and labor (total 5-year compressor). International warranty: 18-month parts.
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