Advanced Purpose Heating Circulators, Grant Instruments

Supplier: Grant
TX150-ST5 US TX150-P18 US TX150T US TXF200T US TX150-P12 US TXF200-ST12 US TXF200-ST5 US TXF200-ST26 US TX150 EURO TX150-P5 US TXF200-P18 US TXF200-ST18 US TX150-ST38 US TXF200 US TX150-ST12 US TX150-ST18 US TXF200-P12 US TX150-ST26 US
10029-506EA 3028.44 USD
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Advanced Purpose Heating Circulators, Grant Instruments
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The Optima™ range of advanced thermostats can be combined with plastic baths (5L, 12L, 18L), premium stainless steel baths (5L, 12L, 18L, 26L, 38L) or refrigeration units (3 units available)

Additional features include countdown timer, adjustable over-temperature cut-out, visual, audible and programmable high and low temperature alarms and three temperature presets. The TX150 has the capacity to store one programme with 30 segments. The TXF200 can also be programmed via the user interface and can store up to 10 programmes containing 100 segments. The programming interface includes set target temperature with a choice of time to target temperature or temperature ramp speed and an additional programmable relay for on/off control of ancillary equipment or refrigeration units.

TX150 temperature range: Ambient +5 to 150 °C. Settable range −50 to +150 °C (operation below ambient requires accessory cooling). TXF200 temperature range: Ambient +5 to 200 °C. Settable range −50 to +200 °C (operation below ambient requires accessory cooling). Stability: ±0,01 °C at 70°C. External PT1000 temperature probe socket. Off-set adjustment for isothermal performance. Drain tap with all tanks greater than 12L.

The TX150 and TXF200 thermostats feature a full colour QVGA TFT screen displaying actual and set temperature and clear status icons. The QVGA TFT screen, in combination with the easy to use dial and function keys, allows rapid navigation through the intuitive menu system. Both units have RS232 and USB interfaces and can be programmed via remote PC or laptop using Grant’s versatile Labwise™ software (optional).

Certifications: CE Certified.

Ordering information: Both units require Labwise for programming, TXF200 can be programmed on the unit. Many accessories available including; lids, racks, shelves and refrigeration units.
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