VWR® Forced Air Ovens

Supplier: VWR
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89511-410EA 3572.06 USD
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VWR® Forced Air Ovens
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VWR® Forced Air ovens are the optimal choice for fast drying processes, removing humidity much faster than gravity convection units.

  • Consistency - repeatable results with outstanding temperature stability and uniformity
  • Versatility - covers wide range of heating and drying applications
  • Extremely versatile with a wide temperature range, 50 – 250 °C and three benchtop sizes ranging from 2.3 – 6.3 cu. ft.
  • Two wire mesh shelves included (55 lbs. capacity each)
  • Two-year warranty with extended warranty packages available

The forced air technology provides also great temperature uniformity and stability throughout the chamber - ideal conditions for material testing and heat treatments.

Control and display; the PID control is easy to use, and has a large display for optimal feedback to the operator. Timer function allows to turn oven on and off at desired time. Overtemperature alarm and a dual sensor safety concept are providing peace of mind. For data monitoring the oven can be connected with a standard RS-232 interface to a computer.

Chamber; cleaning is simple, due to stainless steel interior with smooth, rounded corners. The flexible shelving system with 13 to 19 positions allows to take best advantage of the internal volume. Heat stays inside the unit due to a unique insulation design, with benefit of low energy consumption and cool outside. Bench saving footprint does not compromise volume.

Air exchange can be controlled by a damper - open it for drying to remove humidity quickly, and close it for heat treatment with highest requirements for temperature accuracy.

Certifications: cCSAus certified.

Ordering information: Two-year standard warranty in US and Canada. For gentle heating and drying processes that require minimal air flow, please check VWR® Gravity Convection ovens. Stand and casters are not included and must be ordered separately. A platform may be required with oven 89511-410; contact your Avantor representative for more information.
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