HM 525 NX Cryostats, Epredia™, Richard-Allan Scientific

Supplier: Richard-Allan Scientific
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HM 525 NX Cryostats, Epredia™, Richard-Allan Scientific
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The Epredia™ HM 525 NX series of Cryostats offer exceptional sectioning quality and reliability, an intuitive user interface, and enhanced ergonomics for simple, efficient operation.

The user-friendly touch screen and icon-driven interface allows intuitive operation of the cryostat and rapid selection and adjustment of functions. A ten-minute specimen fast-freeze operation can be accessed from the menu, and chamber brightness can be adjusted to meet operator needs. Chamber temperature control is available down to –35 °C to accommodate a wide range of specimens. Exceptional sectioning quality is the result of reliable stepper motor technology which delivers reproducible section thickness, and automatic specimen retraction on the return stroke protects the specimen and reduces carryover of artifacts. The efficient, high throughput cryochamber has 27 cooled specimen positions to keep up with heavy workloads, and an integrated peltier cools four fast-freezing stations to –55°C to limit ice crystal formation within the specimen.

The HM 525 NX Cryostats also provide enhanced ergonomics and increased comfort through a light-touch handwheel which requires minimal force to operate. Increased operator safety results from a mechanical handwheel lock which completely immobilizes the specimen head. Additional knee space supports comfortable seated operation, body-contoured armrests improve posture and comfort during periods of prolonged use, and a large, flat top keeps accessories readily available. The stainless steel chamber and smooth surfaces allow for efficient cleaning.

Optional, on-demand UV Disinfection, which provides high-intensity ultraviolet light, can be activated immediately or through scheduled operation. It protects against surface contamination and occupational exposure to biological pathogens. The adjustable disinfection time can be set up to 300 minutes and an alert screen indicates an incomplete or interrupted disinfection cycle.

These units combine the proven operation and reliability of the HM 525 cryostat with the new ergonomics and intuitive interface of the Thermo Scientific NX series of cryostats.

Certifications: CSA approved. CE marked. Certificate of Hygene.

Ordering information: The HM 525 NX Cryostat includes six specimen stages (30mm), freezing medium (118mL), cryostat oil (118mL), section waste tray, debris brush, sectioning brush, tools and operator guide. All units are supplied with a manufacturer's one-year warranty and service offering. Cryostat Packages, both with or without optional UV Disinfection, include specified Blade Holder (EC or EC70). Non-packaged units (10031-408 and 10031-410) do not include a blade holder.
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