Gas Equilibrium Assembly, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: ACE GLASS, INC.

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Gas Equilibrium Assembly, Ace Glass Incorporated
Reaction Vessels Reaction Vessels, Flask Shape
A practical set-up for the study of chemistry which involves the reaction of a gas-liquid or a liquid-solid heterogeneous system

The agitator is constructed to permit gas introduced through side arm of the bearing to enter the hollow agitator shaft and pass into the reaction system underneath the disc which supports the four blades. With the agitator running between 800-1600 rpm, a very fine dispersion of gas-liquid is obtained. The catalytic hydrogenation of aromatic nitro derivatives with platinum, palladium or Raney-nickel catalyst serves as an excellent example. Center joint on flask is a standard taper 45/50, center joint on head is a standard taper 19/38. All others are a standard taper 14/20. Thermometer not included. Condenser uses 3/8 or 5/16" I.D. tubing, size C hose connection.
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