Mounting Media

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Mounting Media
Embedding and Mounting Media
EUKITT® classic has proven to be useful due to its distinct characteristics: Fast Curing, Crystal clear optically with a universal refractive index (1.49).

  • Offers good fluidity, low shrinkage
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for histological use
  • Can be used either manually or in an automated mode

EUKITT® has a neutral pH and offers extended storage times of all slide preparations for years without any sign of cracking or discoloration. The medium itself is colorless and does not change the color and or the structure of the samples mounted with the medium. EUKITT® is temperature resistant to heat and cold (–170 °C), as well as humidity, daylight and UV light.

The product holds up well in the presence of water and trace levels of alcohol. It is very well suited for all pale color preparations as well as colorless preparations.

Caution: Once the EUKITT® bottle is opened it is advantageous to seal the bottle tightly as soon as you are done using it. If the medium becomes thickened you can add a small amount of xylene to dilute it.
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