Penicillin : Streptomycin solution, HyClone™

Supplier: GE Healthcare - HyClone

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Penicillin : Streptomycin solution, HyClone™
Penicillin : Streptomycin

HyClone™ Penicillin-Streptomycin Solution (100X) is a broad spectrum antibiotic designed to control and destroy destructive microorganisms, such as gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

  • Used as an antibacterial or antimycobacterial
  • Penicillin interferes with the final stage of synthesis of the bacterial cell wall
  • Streptomycin, through protein synthesis, inhibits elongation at transpeptidation step; binds to 30S subunit causing misreading

Common working concentration for Penicillin is 100 U/ml and for Streptomycin is 100 μg/ml.

CAS Number: 1406-05-9 (Penicillin)
57-92-1 (Streptomycin)

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