Acetonitrile, anhydrous (max. 0.003% H₂O) ≥99.9%, HiPerSolv CHROMANORM®, super gradient grade for HPLC, VWR Chemicals BDH®

Supplier: VWR International

Synonyms: CyanomethaneEthanenitrileEthanoic acid nitrileMethane, cyano-Methyl cyanideMethanecarbonitrileACN

Filtered through a 0.2 µm filter, packaged under nitrogen.

BDHVBDH83639.201 BDHVBDH83639.050 351V-03 BDHVBDH83639.202 BDH83639.500 351V-11 351V-03 351V-06
BDH83639.201EA 2327 USD InStock
BDH83639.201 BDH83639.050 CABDH83639.400 BDH83639.202 BDH83639.500 BDH83639.402 BDH83639.400 BDH83639.100E
Acetonitrile, anhydrous (max. 0.003% H₂O) ≥99.9%, HiPerSolv CHROMANORM®, super gradient grade for HPLC, VWR Chemicals BDH®

From the exclusive family of high-quality, competitively priced BDH Chemicals – High Purity solvents for HPLC applications. These solvents are manufactured and packed in state of the art ISO9001 solvent production facilities and feature an unparalleled combination of performance and price for even the most demanding liquid chromatography applications.

Solvents are pumped through 0.2micron filters on filling and packaged under Nitrogen.

All bottles have tamper evident caps for added peace of mind and are packed in environmentally –friendly corrugated/pulp case inserts that are fully recyclable.

To purchase these solvents in stainless steel returnable drums as part of the VWR ReCAP program, please contact your local VWR sales representative. A separate contract for VWR ReCAP products is required.

Formula: H₃CCN
MW: 41.05 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 81.6 °C (1013 hPa)
Melting Pt: –45.7 °C
Density: 0.782 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Flash Pt: 2 °C (closed cup)
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00001878
CAS Number: 75-05-8
EINECS: 200-835-2
UN: 1648
REACH: 01-2119471307-38
Merck Index: 13,00071

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Specification Test Results

Assay Min. 99.9 %
Solution (100 g/L) Neutral
Acidity Max. 0.0008 meq/g
Alkalinity Max. 0.0006 meq/g
Coloration Max. 10 APHA
n 20/D 1.343 to 1.345
Evaporation Residue Max. 2 ppm
Water Max. 30 ppm
Absorbance (200 nm) Max. 0.10
Transmittance (190 nm) Min. 10 %
Transmittance (195 nm) Min. 80 %
Transmittance (200 nm) Min. 95 %
Transmittance (210 nm) Min. 96 %
Transmittance (220 nm) Min. 97 %
Transmittance (230 nm) Min. 98 %
Transmittance (240 nm) Min. 99 %
Transmittance (250 nm) Min. 99 %
Transmittance (240 to 420 nm) Min. 99 %
Fluorescence (as quinine) (254 nm) Max. 1 ppb
Gradient grade (210 nm) Max. 10 mAU
Conforms to ACS Passes Test
Conforms to ACS (HPLC/UV) Passes Test
Conforms to Reag. Ph.Eur. Passes Test
Conforms to USP Passes Test

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