VECTASHIELD® Mounting Medium, Vector Laboratories

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VECTASHIELD® Mounting Medium, Vector Laboratories
Embedding and Mounting Media
VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media minimize photobleaching during fluorescence-based imaging. There are three versions: original VECTASHIELD, a non-curing formulation that allows immediate slide viewing; VECTASHIELD HardSet, which cures for long-term storage without sealing; and VECTASHIELD Vibrance™, a new hardening formulation that offers superior handling and greater stability for long-term storage of slides at room temperature.

VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media are compatible with fluorescent nuclear stains, fluorescent proteins, fluorescent tracers, histochemical stains, and most fluorochromes, with VECTASHIELD Vibrance showing superior performance with far-red dyes.

All three VECTASHIELD formulations are available with and without DAPI, a common fluorescent nuclear counterstain. DAPI excites at about 360 nm and emits at about 460 nm when bound to DNA, producing nuclei with blue fluorescence. VECTASHIELD HardSet is also available with phalloidin (PI), a bicyclic heptapeptide that stains actin filaments. PI excites at about 535 nm and emits at about 615 nm, producing a red fluorescence.

Certifications: Manufactured under ISO9001:2015
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