VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Systems with Manual Flow Control, BrandTech®

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VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Systems with Manual Flow Control, BrandTech®
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Quiet, compact diaphragm vacuum systems designed for evaporative applications that need minimal control, such as basic rotary evaporation

All systems are powered by the latest generation VACUUBRAND® Chemistry-design diaphragm vacuum pumps, with high flow rates at working vacuum levels, and typical service intervals in excess of 15,000 operating hours. The PC101 NT and MZ2C NT + AK + M + D are powered by a VACUUBRAND® MZ2C NT vacuum pump with a 5 Torr (7 millibar) ultimate vacuum and a free air capacity of 38 lpm (1.4 cfm) making them an excellent choice for many benchtop rotary evaporators, gel dryers, small centrifugal concentrators and smaller vacuum ovens. The PC201 NT features the powerful VACUUBRAND® MD4C NT vacuum pump with an ultimate vacuum of 1.1 Torr (1.5 milibar) and free air capacity of 63 lpm (2.2 cfm) making it a excellent choice for large rotary evaporators with high boiling point sovents, large benchtop centrifugal concentration of solvents with boiling points as high as DMF, and larger vacuum ovens. All pumps have an integrated gas ballast for internal purging of condensed vapors with minimal effect on performance.

All listed systems include a flow control valve, analog manometer to indicate relative vacuum level, and an inlet catchpot to preserve performance with vapors that condense in the vacuum line. PC101 NT and PC201 NT systems add an outlet condenser to capture solvent vapors at the exhaust, preserving the laboratory atmosphere.

Certifications: cTÜVus.
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