TitroLine® 7000 Titrators, SI Analytics

Supplier: SI Analytics
TitroLine® 7000
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TitroLine® 7000 Titrators, SI Analytics
The TitroLine® 7000 titrator can store up to 50 user methods.

  • High resolution pH/mV-electrode and temperature inputs for pH, ISE, redox (ORP) or photometric titrations
  • Polarizable electrode input for set endpoint titrations ('Dead-stop')
  • Linear (fixed incement) and dynamic equivalence point titration mode
  • Titrationen to pH/ mV and µA-endpoint
  • Manual titration mode and routine dosing tasks are available

While running, the instrument is capable of monitoring the pH value during chemical syntheses. It is also capable of detecting and calculating up to two equivalence points during one titration. Making it possible to determine the calcium and magnesium hardness instead of only the total hardness.

It also has the highest accuracy for measuring and calibrating through wireless sensor recognition for TitroLine SI Analytics ID-electrodes. The new electrodes with definite identification are sending their specific data wireless to the titrator. Therefore the TitroLine® 7000 always uses the correct calibration data and eliminates erroneous measurements. With a pH stat application, a given pH is first adjusted and then kept constant till a specific moment with an acid or a base. The pH stat titration is applied to the determination of the enzyme activity and the pH stat elution of soil sample at pH 4.

Typical applications of the water/wastewater and environmental analysis: pH-value, alkalinity ('p+m-value'), permanganate index, COD, volatile fatty acids/total anorganic carbon (FOS/
TAC), total nitrogen according to Kjeldahl, chloride in waste and drinking water, free and total chlorine in drinking and bathing water, Ca/Mg-and total hardness, oxygen according to 'Winkler' method.

It has typical applications of food analysis: Determination of free and total sulfurous acid (H2SO3)
in wine and grape. Titrations with the new photometric sensor OptiLine 6 allows the connection of the new OptiLine 6 photometric sensor via USB. These uses the digital USB input to set the wavelength and other parameters of the photometric sensor.

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