QUICK BLUNTING™ Kit, New England Biolabs

Supplier: New England Biolabs (NEB)
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QUICK BLUNTING™ Kit, New England Biolabs
Ligation Kits
The Quick Blunting Kit is used to convert DNA with incompatible 5´ or 3´ overhangs to 5´ phosphorylated, blunt-ended DNA for efficient blunt-end ligation into DNA cloning vectors

DNA is blunted using T4 DNA polymerase which has both 3´ → 5´ exonuclease activity and 5´ → 3´ polymerase activity. T4 Polynucleotide Kinase is included in the enzyme mix for phosphorylation of the 5´ ends of blunt-ended DNA for subsequent ligation into a cloning vector. This kit is optimized for blunting up to 5 µg of DNA in a single reaction.
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