Bacteroides Heparinase II, New England Biolabs

Supplier: New England Biolabs (NEB)
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Bacteroides Heparinase II, New England Biolabs
Bacteroides Heparinase II cloned from Bacteroides eggerthii, also called Heparin Lyase II, is a low specificity enzyme that is active on both heparin and heparan sulfate

The reaction yields oligosaccharide products containing unsaturated uronic acids which can be detected by UV spectroscopy at 232 nm. Bacteroides Heparinase II cleaves the glycosidic bond between N-sulfated and glucuronic or iduronic acid residues. When used alone this enzyme rarely yields complete depolymerization of a polysaccharide chain, however disaccharide analysis is enhanced when used in combination with Heparinase I and III.
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