CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat, Epredia

Supplier: Epredia
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CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat, Epredia
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The CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat extends the benefits of the NX series by offering an innovative new look at cryosectioning. The NX series has been designed completely around the user to deliver optimal sectioning quality, unmatched ergonomics, and safety in an energy efficient package. With the NX series, users can deliver high quality results comfortably, safely, and efficiently.

The CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat follows in the footsteps of the popular CryoStar™ NX70 Cryostat by offering standard features well-suited to the histology laboratory, including Rapid Response Object Head Temperature Control, form-fitting design, and a color touch screen user interface for control of instrument functions

The cryochamber features a spacious stainless steel chamber for workflow organization, chamber cooling to –25 °C, ±2°C (at 20°C ambient), separate specimen head cooling to –43 °C, ±2 °C (at 20 °C ambient), and a continuously cooled knife holder to –27 °C, ±2 °C (at 20 °C ambient). Eighteen cryobar storage positions include one quick freeze location. The integrated peltier fast freezing device rapidly cools to –57 °C, ±3 °C. The microtome features a manual light touch rotary flywheel, with sample orientation adjustable 8° in the Y axis for increased stability and 360° Z axis rotation.

Environmental Note: The NX50 and NX70 Cryostats utilize a rapid response cooling system that actively cools all areas of the cryochamber that come in contact with the sample, including the specimen clamp, cryobar, and blade. The result is precise temperature control and half the energy consumption of other routine cryostats. Low energy LED lighting with user-adjustable intensity is also included.

The unit also includes manual sectioning and motorized coarse advance to a maximum of 3mm/s. Optional features include Integrated Height Control, Vacutome, and Cold D™ Cold Disinfection which disinfects the cold cryochamber in just 50 minutes.

Certifications: Certificate of Hygiene. CE marked.

Ordering information: Standard units include four 30mm specimen chucks (red, green, blue, and gold), two allen keys (5mm and 6mm), waste tray, brush shelf, three brushes (coarse cleaning brush, magnetic small beveled brush, and magnetic goat's hair brush), blade handling tool, power cord, USB stick, adjusting pin, operator guide, and anti-roll plate. Units with Vacutome include an additional brush for cleaning vacuum hose, coarse filter for use with vacutome, hose extension with nozzle for vacutome, nozzle for sectioning, and filter bags (25 pcs.). Units with Cold Disinfection include an additional measuring cup and Plastic funnel. Note: Low or High Profile Blade holders, or 16cm Steel Knife Carriers are required accessories, and must be designated at the time of ordering.
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