HiTrap Columns, Phenyl HP, GE Healthcare

Supplier: GE Healthcare - Life Sciences
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HiTrap Columns, Phenyl HP, GE Healthcare
Chromatography Columns
Phenyl Sepharose High Performance is a well-established aromatic HIC medium, designed for intermediate and polishing steps where high resolution has priority

  • Provide convenient and fast small-scale protein purifications
  • Flexible design for use with syringes, single laboratory pump, or chromatography system such as ÄKTA design
  • High flow rates and high capacities
  • Excellent and easy scale-up achieved by connecting several HiTrap columns in series or using HiPrep columns

HiTrap Phenyl HP are prepacked Phenyl Sepharose High Performance columns for high-resolution hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC). The columns are used for small-scale protein purification as well as for screening of binding and elutions conditions.
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