PlusOne DNA Silver Staining Kit, GE Healthcare

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PlusOne DNA Silver Staining Kit, GE Healthcare
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PlusOne DNA Silver Staining Kit kit contains all essential components for staining of nucleic acids in polyacrylamide gels

  • Includes detailed protocols and solutions sufficient to stain 20 precast gels (12.5 x 26 cm) or 80 conventional mini-slab gels (10 x 8 cm)
  • Formulation minimizes production of toxic waste and optimizes sensitivity and robustness
  • Suitable for use in automatic staining equipment, such as Processor Plus, Hoefer Automated Gel Stainer and GeneStain Automated Gel Stainer

The high sensitivity of the visualization technique allows detection of nucleic acids down to 20 to 50 pg DNA/band. The method is reliable and reproducible and gives a gel with distinct bands on an essentially colorless background, ready for drying and/or evaluation in about 1.5 h. In additon, the kit also provides the method of choice for standard manual silver staining of DNA in polyacrylamide gels. The kit performs best on 0.5–1.0 mm thick plastic-backed gels, or 0.75–1.5 mm thick unbacked gels. The procedure described in this instruction is based upon the use of 125 mL solution per process step.

To avoid transportation of large solution volumes, most of the solutions are in a 5X concentrated form, ready to use after a simple dilution. The kit provides reproducible and sensitive nonradioactive detection of nucleic acids in polyacrylamide gels in less than 1.5 h. The visualization technique detects nucleic acids in the picogram range, with a colorless background. Typical sensitivity is 20 to 50 pg DNA/band.

Ordering information: Kit contains fixing solution, staining solution, sodium carbonate solution, 37% formaldehyde, 2% sodium thiosulfate and stopping and preserving solution. Each kit contains material for 20 processes.
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