PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Sock, New Pig

Supplier: New Pig
124CR PIG301
46000-772CS 500.04 USD
46000-772 56620-082
PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Sock, New Pig
Spill Control Materials
Absorbs and retains most acids, bases, and unknown liquids

  • Made of 100% chemical-resistant skin and fast-wicking filler

Absorbs the widest range of acids, bases and unknown liquids, even those with high concentrations like 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide. Chemical-resistant sock won't degrade or cause a dangerous reaction upon contact with corrosive spills. Excellent for quickly diking and stopping the spread of chemical spills; for diking larger chemical spills, consider our larger diameter PIG HazMat Dikes. Polypropylene skin resists chemicals and tearing; reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when saturated. Polypropylene filler is highly absorbent for containing corrosive or reactive spills.

Pink color is easily distinguishable to assure workers use the correct sock during a spill emergency. Can be incinerated after use to reduce waste.
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