PTFE Filter Reactor, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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PTFE Filter Reactor, Ace Glass Incorporated
Reaction Vessels Reaction Vessels, Cylindrical Shape
To meet the needs of fluorine and other organic chemists, Ace Glass has developed a total PTFE filter reactor as an extension of the borosilicate glass filter reactor product line

The head, head joints, body, stir-bearing, bottom filter assembly with valve, and stir shaft with agitator are all constructed of PTFE. Even the O-Rings are PTFE encapsulated. The filter supports are polypropylene. The bottom filter assembly is either #50 or #80 Ace-Thred, and threads in/out for easy capture of filtrate or for cleaning. The unit is excellent for fluorine chemistry work as well as any work using strong alkalis where glass cannot be used. Halar coated stainless steel internal coil included for heating or cooling the contents. Three sizes area available as standard. Other sizes are available upon request. Support stand and chain clamp are not included.

Ordering information: Complete system components include; reactor body, PTFE head, CAPFE O-Ring, quick release clamp, bottom filter assembly, bottom valve, adapter, poly filter supports, stirrer bearing, and PTFE-coated stainless steel shaft with agitator.
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