Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e HPLC Columns, MilliporeSigma

Supplier: MilliporeSigma

1.52021.0001 1.52020.0001 1.52025.0001 1.52022.0001 1.52023.0001 1.52022.0001 1.52025.0001 1.52021.0001 1.52020.0001
EM1.52025.0001EA 463.3 USD
CA1.52021.0001 CA1.52020.0001 EM1.52025.0001 CA1.52022.0001 10811-854 EM1.52022.0001 CA1.52025.0001 EM1.52021.0001 EM1.52020.0001
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e HPLC Columns, MilliporeSigma
Chromatography Columns
The Chromolith® HighResolution columns offer higher efficiency and improved peak shape combined with lower back-pressure which is more than two times lower than any particulate packed column with the same dimensions.

  • High efficiencies at lower back pressure
  • Improved peak symmetry
  • Can be used for standard HPLC/UHPLC/LC-MS instruments
  • Back pressure 2 times lower compared to particulate packed columns
  • 30% longer column lifetime
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