Heating Immersion Circulators, JULABO

Supplier: JULABO
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Heating Immersion Circulators, JULABO
JULABO Range of Heating Immersion Circulators with wide range of functionality and features for applications from +20 to +300°C

Units have a mechanically adjustable pressure pump, over-temperature and low liquid level protection to avoid any potential damage. The compact circulators are suitable for use with most tanks to 50 L and a 26 mm wall thickness. All wetted parts and housing constructed of high quality stainless steel or plastic; units include a bath clamp. ED models control a temperature range from 20 to 100°C with an LED temperature display for actual and set point values and keypad for set point input. Safety features include an adjustable high temperature cut-off and low liquid level protection via a float switch. EH models: include features of the ED, with the addition of an extended temperature range of +20 to +150°C and an integrated timer.

MB models: suitable for use with small bath volumes up to 20 L, features PID temperature control with drift compensation, and early warning systems with audible signal for low liquid level and for high/low temperature limits. MB units have an operating temperature range up to 100°C with an LED multi-display with a resolution of 0.01/0.1°C. The actual and up to three set temperatures can be viewed. An RS232 interface facilitates control via PC.

MA models: in addition to the features of the MB, the MA has a wider temperature range to +200°C, electronically adjustable pump capacity and a temperature stability / resolution of ±0,01°C.

ME models: the more advanced ME has the same features as MB/MA models; in addition it has PID cascade temperature control for highest internal and external temperature stability. The VFD display gives simultaneous indication of internal/external set point and actual values and an integrated programmer (1x10 steps) for time and temperature dependent processes. The ME enables electronic control of the pump capacity and displays the pump setting. The ME has a Pt100 connection for external monitoring and control.

The SE-Z model is suitable for the most demanding applications; in addition to the features of the ME; includes Intelligent Cascade Control, self optimizing for optimum results and Temperature Control Features (TCF) for band limit, limit setting, co-speed factor and control dynamics. An electronically adjustable pressure / suction pump provides strong circulation for internal or external applications. With a temperature range up to 300°C and an extendable bridge (31 to 66 cm) the SE-Z can control tanks up to 100 L. A built-in cooling coil enables counter cooling with tap water. Barbed fittings for 8 and 12 mm ID tubing are included (pump connections M16x1 male).

Certifications: CE.

Ordering information: Accessories not included. Cooling coil is optional, except for Model SE-Z .
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