Heating Circulators for Internal/External Applications, JULABO

Supplier: Julabo
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Heating Circulators for Internal/External Applications, JULABO
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JULABO circulators with stainless steel bath tanks are suitable for both internal and external temperature control

MA models feature a Multi-Display (LED) for actual value, up to three set points, high/low temperature warning functions and high temperature protection and 3-point calibration. The MA has PID temperature control with drift compensation, and early warning systems with audible signal for low liquid level and for high/low temperature limits. An RS232 port enables external control via PC.

ME models: include features of the MA, with the addition of; a bright VFD comfort display for simultaneous indication of internal/external set point and actual values, and PID cascade temperature control for highest internal and external temperature stability. The pump is electronically adjustable including an illuminated pump stage display. A Pt100 connection for external measurement and control with an integrated programmer with up to 10 steps enables added control and application flexibility. The ME has a maximum flow rate of 16 L/min with a pressure up to 6.5 PSI.

HE, SE models: include features of the ME, with the addition of ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control), self-optimizing temperature control, for optimum results; TCF (Temperature Control Feature) for band limit, limit setting, co-speed factor and control dynamics and a pressure/suction pump. Units can accommodate theoptional electronic module with analogue connections (8900100) for temperature recorder, set point programmer.

HL, SL models: include features of the HE/SE, and in addition have LCD dialogue display with numeric keypad for easy parameter entry, connections for optional solenoid valves or HST booster heater with an additional heating capacity of 6 kW. Units have integrated RS232/RS485 interface for comprehensive communication and networking possibilities. An integrated programmer stores up to 6 separate profiles of up to 60 program steps.

They have greater power for larger and open systems, making them ideal for external temperature control. Smaller objects may be inserted directly into the circulator's bath at the same time. Models are available with a variety of bath sizes and other functional characteristics. Accessories: External Pt100 sensors, bath fluids, tubing and adapters for connecting external systems. All models with an integrated cooling coil for applications at or near ambient temperature.

Certifications: CE.

Ordering information: Accessories not included. Integrated cooling coil.
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