Refrigerated Circulating Bath, Model LTC4, Grant Instruments

Supplier: Grant
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Refrigerated Circulating Bath, Model LTC4, Grant Instruments
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The LTC4 is supplied ready assembled with the circulator mounted on the refrigerator and supplied with insulated tubing and clips to form a system ready to use.

The Grant Optima™ LTC4 Kit includes the TX150 heating circulator and an R4 tank/refrigeration unit. It features a 20 litre tank with drain tap, a refrigeration high pressure switch, relay control for refrigeration on/off, cooling power of 500W@0°C, and a temperature range of -30 to 100°C.

The Grant Optima™ TX150 series of digitally controlled refrigerated circulating baths provides outstanding performance for routine and sophisticated applications requiring accurate temperature control in the range of -47 to 100°C. The TX150 is a high-performance programmable digital heating circulator with an exceptionally simple user interface. This allows fast set-up of multiple parameters through a powerful menu system and provides sophisticated control for temperature-controlled applications. The TX150 has USB connectivity to a PC or laptop. It is programmable with Labwise™, a software program to set all parameters, including programs, via the PC. Labwise™ also features real-time status windows, a graphic display of the controller's performance as a program is run, and allows data to be logged for future recall and analysis.

Features a powerful pump for external circulation; maximum flow 18 L/min, maximum pressure 310 mbar. Full colour QVGA TFT display. Set point, plus three adjustable preset temperature values. Timer function for reaction timing, 99 hours, 59 minutes, with audible alert and heater control. Liquid selection safety feature adjusts for temperature range or heater power. Fault indication display. Programmable relay. Two-point user recalibration of internal and external probes (TXPEP, TXSEP). Off-set adjustment for optimal isothermal performance. USB connectivity. Optional Labwise™ PC software for program set-up, data-logging and real-time graphing. Can be programmed to switch the refrigeration on and off during a heating and cooling program. Memory capacity for one program of up to 30 segments. Choice of languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Low liquid protection by float switch. Adjustable over-temperature cut-out. Convenient accessory clamp available for fitting to vessels.

Certifications: CE approved.

Ordering information: 4 year warranty.
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