Gas Collecting Bulb, with Ace-Thred, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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Gas Collecting Bulb, with Ace-Thred, Ace Glass Incorporated
Samplers Gas Samplers
Designed with #7 Ace-Thred end valves that ensure a tight fit without grease

Operation is simple. With bushings at fingertip tightness, push plungers into bulb until flow holes are inside O-Rings (enlarged end of plunger acts as an automatic stop). Valves are now open and ready for flush sampling. When sampling is complete, and with bushing still at finger tip tightness, pull plungers out so flow holes are outside O-Rings. Valves are now closed. Bushings can then be tightened more for handling until ready to analyze.

A bulge is built on the small end of the plunger to help guard against complete pullout. Each bulb has a side syringe sampling port, with two bushings, two FETFE O-Rings, and one septum. Plungers are supplied with hose connections. Special bulb capacities and plungers can be made to order. Complete item consists of bulb with two bushings, two FETFE O-Rings, one septum, and two plungers. Use with 3/8" or 5/16" I.D. tubing, and size C hose connection.

No stopcock plugs to “pop out”. Nylon bushing tightens into the internally threaded glass to form an O-Ring compression seal.
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