Humidity Test Chambers, SHEL LAB

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Humidity Test Chambers, SHEL LAB
SHEL LAB Humidity Test Chambers provide a controlled environment for a wide range of industrial and biotechnical testing applications

The wide temperature and humidity range of model HC6-2 allows fingerprints and other samples to be processed in just a matter of minutes- not days like some conventional methods. Typically, the temperature needed for operations involving the forensic chemical DFO is 100°C. For Ninhydrin, it is 80°C with 65% RH.

Microprocessor based PID controllers maintain excellent stability and provide reliable and repeatable results. The gentle, forced, vertical airflow provides uniform environmental conditions, eliminates condensation, and keeps evidence and other samples moisture free. A steam generator adds heat while humidifying, providing for quick ramp-up and rapid condition recovery after door openings. The digital temperature and humidity display provides clear and accurate settings. The icon-based control panel is easy to understand and requires minimal operating documentation. Dual display of temperature and humidity allows the user to visualize instantaneous set point and operating conditions.

A low pressure water vapor generator, injecting saturated water vapor into the recirculating air duct, controls chamber humidification. This process is preferable to steam generation because steam introduces additional heat to the chamber atmosphere, which then compromises temperature control. Uniform temperature and humidity are maintained using the same horizontal air flow technology employed in the SHEL LAB oven family.

The vertical LED light strip in the door provides a large illumination area inside the chamber. The triple pane, heated glass door minimizes condensation. A low water level warning light notifies the operator when to add water. Digital countdown timer displays time remaining in test procedure. Slide-out shelves allow for quick and easy loading and unloading of samples.

This line is designed to duplicate a natural condition, which allows testing the limitations of a sample when exposed to various temperature and moisture fluctuations. Microprocessor controls maintain temperature and humidity in approximate ranges of 35 to 70°C and 40% to 95%, respectively. An extra large water jacket minimizes condensation inside the chamber and supports optimum uniformity conditions.

Ordering information: Chambers are supplied with manufacturer's two-year limited warranty.
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