Partisil® ODS 5 micron HPLC Columns, USP-L1, Mac Mod

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Partisil® ODS 5 micron HPLC Columns, USP-L1, Mac Mod
Chromatography Columns
Partisil ODS3 is a C-18 polymeric phase with a 10.5% carbon load

Partisil is a high-purity irregular silica gel available in both 5 µm and 10 µm particle sizes with a pore size of 80Å. The choice of column packing includes Silica, C-18 polymeric phases (ODS-3,ODS-2) and C-8. Also available are SAX, SCX, and PAC. These columns provide reproducible results, column to column, lot to lot.

Partisil and Partisphere columns are available in a unique void sealing (WVS) hardware. If a void eventually forms at the top of the column bed, simply hand tighten the inlet fitting to move the frit assembly downwards and recompress the packed bed, thus removing the void and restoring column efficiency. Large knurled end fittings allow ready hand tightening of the system. All WVS cartridge columns are shipped without end fittings and require end fitting kit p/n 4631-1001 - this item can be interchanged with additional WVS columns. Additional installation of the unique WVS guard cartridge holder (p/n 4631-1003) allows the use of guard cartridges.

The medium of choice for improved speed, efficiency and resolution in applications requiring C-18 phases. End-capped for deactivation of silanols to minimize the need for ion suppression or ion pairing agents. Used in a wide range of applications with optimal selectivity, including pharmaceuticals, natural products, food, biological and environmental pollutants. Partisil ODS2 with a high carbon load (16%) makes this polymeric phase the most nonpolar and, therefore, the most retentive of the reversed phases. An alternative to end-capped C-18 where different elution order is desirable for optimum separation. High sample load capacity and 10 µm particle size are very suitable for preparative work.

Ordering information: Please see the Partisil/Partisphere accessories page for guard cartridges and hardware kits.
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