Mini-Fast Sub Horizontal System, Expedeon

CBMGU-303EA 538.3 USD
Mini-Fast Sub Horizontal System, Expedeon
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
Mini-Fast Sub run times are less than an hour

Available combs in 1mm or 2mm thicknesses with 4, 8, 16 or 20 wells.

The UV transparent base allows sample visualization simply by transferring unit to transilluminator. The uniplanar design has a buffer chamber only slightly longer than the gel itself, minimizing the amount of buffer required - 50mL of 0.5X TBE recommended. Maximum of 50mL of agarose is needed. Can use a little as 30mL for analytical runs with small sample volumes. 1 or 2 comb positions for maximum of 40 samples throughput. Two precision fit PVC dams snap sunggly into grooves for leak-free gel casting in gel bed. Since gels are cast in place, they are ready to run without casting tray or gel handling. Less than 15 minutes run time required for elution of DNA in dialysis bags.

Certifications: CE

Ordering information: Mini-Fast Sub Complete system includes: UV transparent base with grooves for gel casting dams, 2 comb slots and built-in storage compartment, 2 gel casting dams, 2 combs, safety cover with power leads.
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