Partisil® and Partisphere® SAX 5 and 10 micron HPLC Columns, USP-L14, Mac Mod

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Partisil® and Partisphere® SAX 5 and 10 micron HPLC Columns, USP-L14, Mac Mod
Chromatography Columns
SAX is a strong anion exchanger based on quaternary ammonium groups (-NR+3)

Partisil is a high-purity irregular silica gel available in both 5 µm and 10 µm particle sizes with a pore size of 80Å. The choice of column packing includes Silica, C-18 polymeric phases (ODS-3, ODS-2) and C-8. Also available are SAX, SCX, and PAC. These columns provide reproducible results, column to column, lot to lot. Partisphere was one of the first commercially available spherical silicas, and continues to provide reproducible, high efficiency separations. Partisphere columns are available in a wide range of surface chemistries, including a PFP pentafluorophenyl (TAC-1) column.

Partisil and Partisphere SAX colums are available in both fixed end-fitting (WCS) hardware and in void sealing WVS cartridge hardware.

Supplied in the H2PO4 form in methanol, Partisil 10 SAX has been widely reported in literature and is best known for the separation of nucleotides. Stable over pH range 1.5-7.5 when used in conjunction with a Solvecon mobile phase conditioning column. Obtains the highest anion exchange efficiencies and resolution. Applicable to separations of nucleic acids, organic acids and inorganic anions.

Ordering information: Please see the Partisil/Partisphere accessories page for guard cartridges and hardware kits.
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