HALO® C8 2.7 micron Fused-Core® UHPLC Column, USP-L7, Mac Mod

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101668-416EA 1086.58 USD
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HALO® C8 2.7 micron Fused-Core® UHPLC Column, USP-L7, Mac Mod
Chromatography Columns
Fused-Core particle technology was developed by Dr

HALO C8 gives excellent performance for a broad range of analyte polarities. Separations are due primarily to hydrophobic interactions and differences in hydrophobicity among analytes.

Jack Kirkland to produce UHPLC columns that provide ultrahigh resolution and ultrafast separations without sacrificing column ruggedness and reliability. HALO columns generate significantly less back pressure compared to other UHPLC columns, putting less stress on the system and facilitating rugged reliable performance. It is this moderate back pressure of HALO columns that also permits them to be used with most conventional HPLC equipment for UHPLC performance. The combination of much lower backpressure and excellent efficiency at higher linear velocities permits the easy transfer of methods from UHPLC to HPLC, and vice versa.

Ordering information: All 2.1, 3.0 and 4.6mm ID HALO HPLC and UHPLC columns use a cartridge guard system. Required for all guard cartridges is the HALO Guard Column Holder part number 94900-001 (See MAC-MOD Accessories page). The appropriate guard cartridge for a specific HALO column ID is listed under the Accessories Tab of the specific column page.
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