Precast Gels, TBE-Urea Large Gels, Snap-A-Gels™, Jule

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Precast Gels, TBE-Urea Large Gels, Snap-A-Gels™, Jule
These TBE-Urea, precast polyacrylamide large size gels, called Snap-A-Gels™, provide the best resolution possible

The TBE Gels are primarily used for single stranded DNA and RNA analysis. The Urea acts as a denaturing agent that causes the DNA and RNA to become single-stranded by breaking the bonds that hold the DNA and RNA together. The applications for this type of gel include: DNA size measurements and Southern Blot Analysis, RNA size measurements and Northern Blot Analysis, DNA footprinting (localizing of protein binding site on DNA or detection of DNA-binding proteins), RNA footprinting (location of site of RNA binding proteins), and purification of oligonucleotides used for PCR and cDNA screening. Run Gel using 1X TBE Running Buffer, which is available from VWR International. The gel buffer is 0.090 M Tris, 0.080 M Boric Acid, pH 8.3, 0.0026M EDTA with 7 Molar Urea.

These Large Gels are made using glass plates, which do not inhibit polymerization of acrylamide. Upon request, gels can also be made using low fluorescence glass. The gels are available with a variety of options to best suit your sample. For example, the large size gels are available in two thicknesses of 0.75 mm for better blotting and faster staining and 1.50 mm for loading more sample and greater gel strength. The Gels can be purchased with 10 or 15 wells.

Jule large size Snap-A-Gels™ fit the following apparatus: BioRad (BL in part number): Protean ll, llxi, Protein Plus Dodeca (See specifications for cassette sizes). GE and Hoefer (HL in Part Number): SE400, SE600, Ruby SE600, Chroma SE600, SE650, SE700 (Cassette is 16 cm tall x 18 cm wide). Owl (BL in Part Number): Penguin P10DS-1, -2, and -3 (1,2,3 require sponge tips ST-10), Fisher BioTech (BL in Part Number): FB-VE20-19 (require sponge tips).

The Gels are available in single and gradient concentrations. The longer gel length (16 to 20cm) enables bands that are close in size to separate further from each other. Large size gels are advantageous when a mini gel does not provide the separation your sample needs and/or you need to load more sample.

Ordering information: Snap-A-Gels™ polyacrylamide large gels are sold in packs of 6 gels. Not all gel concentrations are shown below. If you do not see what you need, please contact VWR sales representative and request it. A twin pack is also available by contacting your VWR sales representative and requesting it. Each Gel is individually packaged in a foil pack. Gels are poured after receipt of order and shipped directly to the customer. Shelf life is 2 months from the date the gels are manufactured.
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