Diphenyldiazomethane resin, polymer-supported 200-400 mesh


Synonyms: PDDM resinPh-CN₂-Ph-polymer

4027172.0005 4027172.0001
D-2230.0005BAEA 1068.84 USD
D-2230.0005BA D-2230.0001BA
Diphenyldiazomethane resin, polymer-supported 200-400 mesh
Diphenyldiazomethane resin, polymer-supported

Diphenyldiazomethane was used industrially for producing benzhydryl esters (diphenylmethyl esters) of β-lactam antibiotics. This "polymeric diphenyldiazomethane" readily reacts with carboxylic acids, e.g. Fmoc-amino acids, which need not to be activated. Products can be cleaved from this very acid-sensitive resin derivative with 1-5 % TFA in dichloromethane.

  • Substitution: 0.7-1.3 mmol/g

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