Tricyclic amide linker resin (DL-form) 200-400 mesh


Synonyms: Ramage amide linker resin (DL-form)5-Fmoc-amino-10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d]-cycloheptenyl-2-oxyacetyl-DL-Nle-4-methyl-benzhydrylamide resin

4027095.0005 4027095.0025 4027095.0001
D-2200.0005BAEA 470.53 USD
D-2200.0005BA D-2200.0025BA D-2200.0001BA
Tricyclic amide linker resin (DL-form) 200-400 mesh
Tricyclic amide linker resin (DL-form)

Ramage resin is highly suitable for the preparation of peptide amides by the Fmoc-strategy and is recommended for C-terminal Phe, Tyr and Ile. Cleavage has been performed with 50 % TFA in CH₂Cl₂ or 95% aqueous TFA. Scavengers may be required. Tricyclic amide linker resin has been used for the synthesis of fluorogenic substrates for continuous assay of aminopeptidase P. Bachem additionally offers the Ramage amide linker (Q-2745) to be coupled to other types of carrier resin.

  • Substitution: 0.5-0.8 mmol/g

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