Fmoc-Cys(SO₃H)-OH·disodium salt


Synonyms: Fmoc-Cys(SO3H)-OH·disodium salt

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Fmoc-Cys(SO₃H)-OH·disodium salt
Fmoc-Cys(SO₃H)-OH·disodium salt

Sequence: Fmoc-Cys(SO₃H)-OH · disodium salt

Besides "standard" preloaded resins, Bachem offers laterally anchored Fmoc-cysteine, Fmoc-Cys(SASRIN resin)-OH (D-2170) and resin-linked Fmoc-cysteamine, Fmoc-cysteamine-SASRIN resin (D-2165).

A useful cysteine derivative for solid-phase synthesis by the Fmoc-strategy. The S-sulfonate group is stable towards TFA and is cleaved either with phosphines or with mercaptans.

Formula: C₁₈H₁₅NNa₂O₇S₂
Storage Temperature: Freezer
MDL Number: MFCD00237016
CAS Number: 163558-30-3

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