Rotators for Cell Culture, Ace Glass

Supplier: Ace Glass

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Rotators for Cell Culture, Ace Glass
Shakers and Mixers Rotating/Rocking Shakers
This variable speed rotator is driven by a continuous-duty motor that can withstand a demanding schedule and long hours of operation

The apparatus is supplied with a Friction Drive Test Tube Head with an aluminum disc with spring clips to hold test tubes; clips are adjustable. Supplied with 31 spring clips to accommodate 10 mm-18 mm diameter tubes and 16 clips to accommodate 20 mm-30 mm diameter tubes.

You can optionally purchase two optional heads; 1) Tissue Culture Tube Head designed to hold 108 mini tissue culture tubes, each up to 16 mm diameter. Consists of a drum, 12-inch (30.5 cm) in diameter with 108 openings. 2) Twin Disc Test Tube Head designed to hold a combination of test tubes, bottles syringes, etc. Tubes are easily removed by deflecting leaf spring between disks. Accepts 22 pieces of glassware each up to 25 mm in diameter or 44 pieces up to 16 mm.

Uses include embedding electron microscopy, tissue-culture specimens, blood cell suspensions, washing of precipitates, disintegrating tablets, extracting, dissolving slow-reacting samples, homogenizing blood solids with plasma, and rotating closed containers for dialysis bags, to mention a few. A unique clamping device utilizes leverage to assure selected motor position and permits positioning of the motor at any point within a 110° arc. The containers remain visible during rotation. The unit has a sturdy, stable, well balanced, compact base that handles substantial loads. A cord-attached speed control module allows convenient placement to avoid danger when starting or stopping rotation

Ordering information: Rating is 1.5A, 50/60 Hz. On/Off switch separate from speed control, fuse protected, 6', 3-wire cord. Fox tip gray and charcoal finish. Complete item includes motor drive, base, and Friction Drive Test Tube Head. Other optional heads (described above) can be purchased separately. You can also purchase an optional 89084-434 riser that lifts the unit so that larger glassware items will clear your bench.
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