Freeze Drying Apparatus, Umbrella Design, Ace Glass

Supplier: ACE GLASS, INC.

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89055-766EA 706.14 USD
89055-766 89055-768
Freeze Drying Apparatus, Umbrella Design, Ace Glass
Freeze Dryers
The economical "umbrella" design of this freeze drying apparatus utilizes Ace-Threds for positive, grease-free connections that are easy to manipulate

Cooling is done in Dewar in the usual manner. If the main tube of the umbrella or cooling trap should clog, it may be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in minutes without fear of vessel "drop-off". Capacity of the trap is approximately two liters.

Compression fitting of nylon bushing on FETFE o-ring against the shoulder of the Ace-Thred holds the vessel in place with or without vacuum, and thus prevents vessel "drop-off" at start-up or shut-down. The "umbrella" has three #25 threads at 90° angles of each other, leaving the rear of the umbrella without a port for easier mounting. A vacuum gauge connection is located near the top of the umbrella. A vertical tube extends down from the umbrella, and it is secured in the collection trap by a #50 Ace-Thred.

Ordering information: A complete unit would consist of 89055-766 "umbrella" manifold; 89055-768 collection trap (with 3.75-inch O.D. outlet tube); three 89059-226 nylon bushing #25 Ace-Thred adapters; and one 89059-230 nylon bushing #50 Ace-Thred adapter. These items must be purchased separately.
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