Vertical Mini Gel System, IBI Scientific

Supplier: IBI Scientific
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Vertical Mini Gel System, IBI Scientific
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The MaGELin protein system is a versatile system designed to allow you to cast your own gels using the 10x10cm glass plates and easy-to-use casting fixture

The MaGELin IB94000 comes with three sets of glass plates, two sets of unique side sealing spacers, and a two place casting fixture for casting your own gels. The two place casting system has a very small footprint, 10x15cm, utilizing minimal space on your lab's bench-top. The gel sandwich is assembled by placing the glass plates into the matched grooves in the side spacers. Once assembled, the glass plate sandwiches are placed into the casting fixture base, as the lid is placed onto the base, the gel sandwiches are gently pressed down into the casting fixture gaskets and sealed. The gel can now be cast through the opening in the lid. Once the gel has polymerized, the glass plate sandwiches can be removed and placed into the gel capture device, and then into the buffer tank and run. The buffer tank holds a minimum of 350mL of buffer, and a maximum of 850mL for longer runs that may generate more heat. A stir bar can be placed into the buffer tank to circulate the buffer keeping the ionic concentration constant.

If you prefer to use precast gels the MaGELin protein system accommodates many of those as well. The MaGELin also utilizes a patented vented lid to help reduce heat buildup during a gel run.
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