WBGT Heat Stress Meter, Sper Scientific

Supplier: Sper Scientific
97039-646EA 151.8 USD
WBGT Heat Stress Meter, Sper Scientific
Heat Stress Meters
Government organizations such as OSHA have set recommended heat stress limits for various activities

Benefits and Features: 15 Second Response Time, Audible Alarm, Adjustable to your WBGT Threshold, Indoor/Outdoor Settings, RS232 Computer Interface, Tripod Threads.

WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) provides the most accurate determination of the heat stress index based on the cumulative effect of air temperature, air movement, relative humidity, and radiant heat. WBGT Heat Stress Meter 800036 is a light-weight meter compact enough to carry anywhere to avoid heat exhaustion in public health, sports, military and industrial activities. Highly accurate readings with a typical response time of only 15 seconds. Provides settings for both indoor and outdoor activity and includes an audible alarm, adjustable to your WBGT threshold. Comes with tripod screw and RS232 computer interface

Ordering information: 5 yr. warranty.
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