Alkalinity Test Kit, Model AL-DT, Hach

Supplier: Hach
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Alkalinity Test Kit, Model AL-DT, Hach
Caused by the presence of carbonates, bicarbonates, hydroxides, and other dissolved salts, alkalinity is important to food and beverage processors, boiler operators, and aquatic biologists.

  • Digital Titrator and standardized titration cartridges provide laboratory accuracy for field titrations
  • Kit contains all required reagents and apparatus in a rugged carrying case for analysis in the field

Determine phenolphthalein and total alkalinity by visual endpoint titration

*mg/L unless otherwise noted, ppb = μg/L, ppm = mg/L; gpg = grains per gallon; 1 gpg = 17.1 mg/L or 17.1 ppm. 1EPA-accepted for wastewater. Check with your regulatory agency.

Using the Digital Titrator, this contains 100 tests with a range of 10-4,000 mg/L.
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