Snap-A-Gels™ Tris-Tricine Mini Gels, Jule

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10820-518PK 137.25 USD
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Snap-A-Gels™ Tris-Tricine Mini Gels, Jule
These Tris-Tricine, polyacrylamide, precast mini gels, called Snap-A-Gels™, are available in many single and gradient concentrations

The Tris-Tricine precast mini gels can be used for denatured samples. Run denatured samples by using denaturing sample buffer and SDS in the Running Buffer. As in the Laemmli System, the Tricine is in the running buffer. Running Buffer is available from VWR International. The Tricine Gels are run with a different buffer in the upper and lower chambers of your electrophoresis apparatus. Manufacturer offers single concentration gels with a 4% stacking gel and the most precise linear gradients on the market. Manufacturer has been selling gels since 1986.

Manufacturer's special plastic material does not inhibit polymerization of acrylamide, so the cassettes behave like glass. The combination of manufacturer's special material and proprietary process for producing gels enables manufacturer to provide precast gels of the highest quality. The gold tinted cassettes make it easier to see the color blue, therefore, loading sample wells and viewing the tracking dye is easier.

Jule Snap-A-Gels are available with a variety of options to suit your sample requirementst. For example, the gels come in two thicknesses of 0.75mm (for better blotting and faster staining), and 1.50 mm (for loading more sample and greater gel strength). The Gels can be purchased with 10 wells, 15 wells, or with a flat top to accommodate an IPG strip plus one reference well.

Jule Snap-A-Gels fit the Following apparatus: Amersham-Pharmacia-Hoefer: SE250, SE260 Mighty Small; Bio-Rad Corporation: Protean II, III, 360, Tetra, Transblot & one Jule gel will fit in the III Dodeca; Invitrogen-Novex: Surelock, Xcell I and II; EX Apparatus-Thermo: EC-120; CBS Scientific: MGV-302 (one gel), MGV-402; Owl/SS/Enprotech: ISS Enprotech unit (one gel), Daiichi Devices; Owl Scientific: Penguin P8DS, Wolverine P82 (needs adapter), P81 Puffin (single sided) and Fisher Biotech: FB-VE10-1, FB-VE121 (needs adapter).

Although Tris-Tricine Gels are ideal for separating proteins as small as 2 to 3 kDa (Kilodaltons), they can be used for proteins ranging from 220 to 2 kDa. Choose Tricine Gels to get optimum separations from 70 kDa to 2 kDa. Tricine Gel buffer is 1.0 M Tris-HCl, pH 8.45, 0.1% SDS. Whether you have a simple or complex sample, the Jule Gels are priced to satisfy your budget without sacrificing performance.

Ordering information: Jule precast mini gels are sold in packs of 10 gels. A twin pack is available for purchase by contacting your VWR sales representative. The Jule Gels will fit most popular running apparatuses.
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