VWR® Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope
High performance Stereo Microscope is ideally suited for life science, industrial and pharmaceutical inspection, electronic assembly, and bonding operations.

  • Trinocular stereo microscope head
  • Widefield eyepieces
  • Transmitted illumination

The VWR® Stereo Zoom Microscope features the Greenough Zoom Optical System, a trinocular head with 360° rotation, photo/video: 100% [right eyetube], and widefield eyepieces 10X/F.N. 23. The unit offers 6.7:1 zoom ratio, WD = 113mm, and a magnification range of 0.75X–5X. Additional standard features include incident/transmitted large working area stand, a 12V/10W intensity-controlled halogen incident, and transmitted illumination. Main power supply is 100–240V.

Ordering information: Microscope is supplied with all accessories listed above. The microscope is supplied with a one-year warranty on electrical parts, and a five-year warranty on mechanical parts and optics.
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