Jule Gradient Former™ Dual Piston Gradient Maker, Jule

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Jule Gradient Former™ Dual Piston Gradient Maker, Jule
Jule Gradient Formers produce virtually perfect linear gradients in less than 2 minutes

The Jule Gradient Maker is made from sturdy acrylic plastic. Remove pistons to fill each cylinder with solution. Use in automatic or manual mode. For Automatic operation attach output to a peristaltic pump to dispense the linear gradient. As the pump draws liquid out a vacuum is created, which draws down the dual pistons while keeping the liquid level in each cylinder resulting in near perfect linear gradients. For manual operation depress pistons by hand or use the lead screw to advance the pistons on Models J5 and J17. Use with magnetic stirrer. Solution from the cylinder on the right flows into cylinder on the left where it mixes and then exits as a near perfect linear gradient.

They are ideal for pouring polyacrylamide gradient gels or for pouring sucrose gradients into centrifuge tubes. The patented dual piston design keeps the fluid level in each chamber equal during gradient formation regardless of the differences in density or viscosity of the two fluids being mixed. The Jule Gradient Formers (also called gradient makers) make it easy to pour accurate and reproducible gradients. You can expect to see improved separations, especially when two bands are very close in size. Operate automatically by attaching to a peristaltic pump or manually by depressing the pistons.

Ordering information: Gradient Maker comes ready to use. Included are a stir bar, 3 feet of tubing and Operator's Manual, which shows how to make linear and exponential gradients.
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