Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit, Model HS-C, Hach

Supplier: Hach
2537800 25378-00
89231-120EA 72.69 USD
89231-120 CA25378-00
Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit, Model HS-C, Hach
Environmental Test Kits
Resulting from the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, hydrogen sulfide is present in many water supplies.

  • Most economical method for determining hydrogen sulfide content in water samples
  • Uses reliable, cost effective color comparison method
  • Treated reagent papers are supplied for 100 tests; effervescence tablets are supplied for 18 tests

Sewage and industrial wastes are other sources of sulfide pollution. Highly toxic, this compound has a characteristic rotten egg odor, which can be detected long before harmful concentrations are reached. In the HS-C kit, sulfide discolors a detection paper. Results are obtained by comparison of the color to a printed chart.
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