DST-1000 Acid Purification System, Savillex Corporation

Supplier: Savillex
30621-038EA 18053.58 USD
DST-1000 Acid Purification System, Savillex Corporation
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The Savillex DST-1000 Acid Purification System provides a cost effective and efficient supply of freshly distilled high-purity acid to your lab

Extremely easy to use, and requiring no cooling water, the DST-1000 can produce high purity (10ppt grade) HNO3, HCl, and HF acids from low cost trace metal (1ppb) grade. And since the acid is freshly produced on demand, it is always of the highest quality. Depending on your acid usage, the DST-1000 will pay for itself in months or even weeks.

Certifications: CE certified and RoHS compliant.

Ordering information: Includes 1L PFA collection bottle and stand.
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