WorkWipes® Reclaimed Colored Flannel in Bag, New Pig

Supplier: NEW PIG CORP

89073-920EA 60.35 USD InStock
WorkWipes® Reclaimed Colored Flannel in Bag, New Pig
Wipes Reusable Cleaning Cloths Cloths for General Applications
Strict material and size requirements mean you get more usable, high quality rags in every package

Eco- and cost-friendly rags are made from recycled, post-consumer flannel shirts. Durable, absorbent, soft, non-scratching material is ideal for wiping.

Compression-packed bags take up half the space of loosely packed boxes.

No useless rag pieces. All WorkWipes Reclaimed Rags are double scanned for metallic content and screened for printing when applicable, so you never have to worry about contamination or poor performance.

Ordering information: Scanned for Metal. Not sorted for Printing. Not Washed.
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