SNP-IT Clean-Up Reagent, Affymetrix

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SNP-IT Clean-Up Reagent, Affymetrix
SNP-IT™ Clean-Up Reagent is a specialized formulation of ExoSAP-IT, which is based on enzymatic degradation of unconsumed primers and dNTPs present in PCR products

Single-Step: The SNP-IT Clean-Up Reagent is designed for simple, quick PCR clean-up. SNP-IT Clean-Up Reagent utilizes two hydrolytic enzymes, Exonuclease I and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase, together in a specially formulated buffer, to remove unwanted dNTPs and primers from PCR products. Exonuclease I removes residual single-stranded primers and any extraneous single-stranded DNA produced in the PCR. Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase removes the remaining dNTPs from the PCR mixture. It is added directly to the PCR product. SNP-IT Clean-Up Reagent is active in the buffer used for PCR, so no buffer exchange is required.

Simple Handling: Use of SNP-IT Clean Up Reagent eliminates the need for gel or column purifications, sedimentation, filtrations, beads and/or magnetic separations.

Scaleable: Many samples can be processed at once, calculating the amount of SNP-IT Clean-Up Reagent needed based on the number of plates to be processed. For example, 5μL up to 12-plex PCR samples in 384 plates can be prepared and stored at -20°C.

SNP-IT Clean-Up™ Reagent has been designed for use with the Orchid BioSciences SNPware™ UHT Core Reagent Kit.
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