Cecropin A (1-8)-Melittin (1-18) amide

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Cecropin A (1-8)-Melittin (1-18) amide
Proteins and Peptides
Antimicrobial peptides are produced by plants and most organisms throughout the animal kingdom including humans. Antimicrobial peptides protect against a broad range of infectious agents, as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The amphibian skin is an especially rich source of antimicrobial peptides. See also the product families: Hepcidins LL-37 and Fragments Tuftsin and Analogs (subfamily).

The cecropins are a group of antibacterial peptides that were first isolated from the hemolymph of the giant silk moth Hyalophora cecropia.

For this synthetic cecropin A-melittin hybrid peptide a leishmanicidal activity has been described.
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